Why Choose Sedation Dentistry?

Jul 16, 2019

If you are the type of person who is afraid of going to the dentist whenever you are experiencing extreme pain, then sedation dentistry is the perfect option for you. The dentist in Aurora would help you overcome your anxiety and fear with simple procedures and invasive methodologies.

Sedation dentistry

Sedation dentistry applies to the following people:

  • The people who need a significant and large amount of dental procedures
  • People who have delicate, sensitive teeth or pharyngeal reflex.
  • Who has anxiety and a low tolerance for pain

This kind of fear can be seen in many children today, and for them, nitrous oxide is the best thing to make them co-operate. The dentist in Aurora ON can administer this and is safe for children as well. Oral sedation is another kind that many pediatric dentists suggests as per the age and weight of the children.

The dentist in L4G 4J7 uses sedation dentistry to alleviate the fear and anxiety of the patient, and for that, they might prefer to sleep dentistry. In sleep dentistry, the procedures are conducted when you are unconscious, and there are also procedures which can be performed while you are awake with the help of general anesthesia.

Minimal sedation

This is the kind of situation where the patient is fully awake and relax during the time of the procedure. Inhaled minimal sedation is the mildest form under this where the patient in his the nitrous oxide or laughing gas which is combined with oxygen. Under this procedure, the patient can even drive home safely from the dentist near me.

Moderate sedation

Oral sedation can be given in either mild or moderate form according to the dentist in Aurora would provide to the patient. A pill called Halcion would be provided to the patient a few hours before the procedure, and under mild oral sedation, the patient might feel drowsy but relaxed. In moderate oral sedation, the patient will fall asleep, and a gentle shake can wake the patient up.

There is also the lV moderate sedation, which is given in the vein and the dentist in Aurora ON has to provide the right amount according to the need of the patient. This type of sedation is comparatively fast and needs to be taken an hour before the procedure. You can search for the dentist near me and get the best treatment required by you for your oral health.

Deep sedation

Under this type of sedation, the patient would be entirely unconscious and can’t be awakened unless its effect is reverse or wears off.

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