What Kind Of Mouth Guards Will You Need?

May 01, 2020

Mouthguards are dental appliances beneficial for protecting your teeth from grinding or clenching when you sleep or from injuries when you are involved in any sporting activity. They can also help to reduce snoring and relieve you from obstructive sleep apnea.

You can purchase mouth guards from any store located around the town but must understand that not all appliances are the same. You must understand your unique needs and search for them because you will find three main varieties. Continue reading to understand the different types of mouthguards and also to learn which ones are best for certain situations.

What Type of Mouth Guards Are Available on the Market?

Stock Mouth Guards

The most widely available and affordable mouthguard is the stock mouthguard that is sold at most drug stores and sporting goods stores. They are available in small, medium, and large sizes and only offer protection to the top teeth.

Stock mouth guards are easily available and also affordable but have certain downsides because of their size limitations. They are uncomfortable and do not provide a proper fit. They make it difficult for you to speak when wearing them.

Boil and Bite Mouth Guards

These are similar to stock mouth guards and are available in most drug stores. While being relatively inexpensive they are only available in a single size and must be customized to fit over your teeth. After purchasing them they need to be boiled until they soften before placing them on your front teeth and biting down.

Custom-made Mouth Guards

Custom-made mouthguards will be available from your dentist who will create an impression of your teeth and use it to create the mouthguard specifically for the structure of your teeth and mouth. Custom-made mouthguards provide a better fit than either a stock or boil and bite mouthguard making them more comfortable and difficult to dislodge accidentally if worn like a mouth guard for sleeping. If you are in the habit of grinding your clenching your teeth a night mouth guard custom-made by your dentist will be your best option. If you want a mouth guard for sleeping because you snore loudly you will be recommended to use a snoring mouth guard customized by your dentist.

Your unique requirements will determine which kind of mouthguard you choose for yourself. If you are involved in contact sports it will be better for you to have a customized sports mouth guard. Children can have one specifically designed for their mouths by the dentist and the kid’s mouth guard will prevent injuries to children who are constantly getting into accidents or falling down either at school or at home.

If you are a fan of NBA and hope to make it as a player you will do well to search for a dentist who can customize a basketball mouthguard for you right away because the NBA calendar will not leave you with sufficient time to attend to these matters.

Custom-made mouthguards are expensive than the stock and boil and bite variety but they offer you a comfortable fit, do not dislodge when sleeping or talking and are specifically designed for the structure of your mouth and teeth. The dentist developing the mouthguard would have used good quality material to ensure you have proper protection for your teeth and can concentrate on your activities without fear of injuries or impacts that may leave you with a toothless grin and an empty wallet.

Regardless of whether you are involved in sporting activities or have a sleep disorder, you can get the protection you need from a mouthguard that will be helpful to safeguard your teeth. You must also determine the best variety suitable for your needs by discussing with your dentist your needs and understanding whether the dentist can work with you to provide a custom mouthguard or recommend an over-the-counter appliance.

When you visit dental office in Aurora you will be received by dentists who are experienced in this subject and can offer you a proper guidance about the type of mouthguard you should be using. If you are not at risk of any major injuries they may recommend a stock mouthguard or the boil and bite variety. However, if you have problems with snoring or bruxism you will be recommended a custom-made mouthguard that will be beneficial for your teeth. The investment will be slightly higher but not as much as the bills for extensive dental work that you may need for injuries to your teeth and mouth.

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