What is a Dental Crown?

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dental crown is defined as a fixed prosthetic device that solves many dental problems. It is typically shaped like a tooth and covers large cavities that regular fillings can’t manage. Dental crowns are also used for cosmetic dental purposes. If you have damaged, chipped or stained teeth, your dentist can fix them by using dental crowns.

Dental crowns can also strengthen a weakened tooth and can protect a fragile tooth after a root canal treatment. With dental crowns, dentists can manage different types of dental problems.

Crowns are made from a wide array of materials. Depending on the nature of the problem, your dentist will decide what kind of crown is best suitable for you.  Some crowns are made of ceramic or porcelain, which is best for their natural looking appearance on your teeth. Other dental crowns are made of gold and metal alloys. They are stronger than porcelain and best used for molars.

With the advancement of dental technology, dental crowns are now used to manage many dental problems.  In the past, if you had a chipped, damaged or decayed tooth, removal of the tooth was the only possible option.   Now, dental crowns can solve many dental issues, without the need for extractions.

Crowns can be both temporary and permanent solutions. Temporary crowns are made for preparation for other restorative procedure. On the other hand, permanent crowns are covered on your teeth and can last for about 15 years.

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