What Is A Dental Cleaning?

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A dental cleaning,  also known as teeth cleaning, is an essential part of oral hygiene care. Dental cleanings are performed in a dental office and involve removing plaque, tartar and stains to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Usually, routine oral care is done at home through proper brushing and flossing, while professional teeth cleaning is done in a dental office. A dental hygienist often performs teeth cleaning by removing the tartar or hardened deposits from your teeth with specialized tools – these deposits can’t be eradicated by simply brushing your teeth on your own.

When you go to a dental office, the first thing that your dental hygienist does is evaluate your oral cavity. If your dental hygienist detects some oral problems, he/she will inform your dentist before proceeding with dental or teeth cleaning. If your oral cavity is healthy, then he/she will perform the cleaning procedure.

Removing tartar or plaque is done by using a scraper. The dental hygienist will use a small mirror and a scraper to help him/her remove the tartar from your gum line and in between your teeth. After scraping the tartar, a high-powered electric brush is used to clean your teeth. Then, a professional flossing session will follow. Rinsing and applying fluoride treatment and polish is often the last stage of teeth cleaning.

Teeth cleaning is usually done every four to six months. If you have questions regarding teeth cleaning, please call or visit us at Aurora Dental Studio. Our dental team will gladly assist you with your oral concerns!

– The Aurora Dental Studio Team

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