What Happens During A Dental Cleaning

May 16, 2019

When it is time for you to have a thorough dental cleaning then you should look no further than the best dentist in Aurora, Aurora Dental Studio. If you are looking for a comfortable dentistry practice to experience a dental cleaning then we are the place for you.

Dental cleanings are a regular experience everyone should have to keep their oral health and hygiene at optimum levels. Let’s talk about what really makes up a dental cleaning.

A Physical Exam

A dental cleaning starts with a physical exam first, with a dental hygienist using a little mirror to examine your teeth from all angles. They are looking for any potential issues like gingivitis, bleeding, cavities, or more.

Plaque and Tartar is Removed.

Once a dental exam has been completed by your dentist in Aurora, ON, then it is time for your dental hygienist to use a scaler and scrape off and signs of plaque or tartar. This can be on your teeth, around your gum line, and even between your teeth. It is important for them to get rid of this to keep your teeth clean and healthy. The dentist is the only one who has the skills to get rid of plaque and tartar so be sure to make your regular visits.

Gritty Toothpaste Cleaning

Next up is a serious deep cleaning with an electric toothbrush. Just sit back, relax, and let a dentist near you use that toothbrush effectively. This brushing will even polish your teeth to a nice, happy shine.

Expert Flossing

You probably floss at home on your own, but it definitely isn’t the same as getting a nice expert flossing. Your dentist L4G 4J7 knows what they are doing and will clean deeply between all of your teeth.


There will be a quick water rinse to clear out any leftovers.

Fluoride Treatment

Often a fluoride treatment is used to finish off your cleaning. There are fun flavors to choose from and the fluoride helps protect and strengthen your teeth. This helps the battle against cavities.

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