What Happens After Invisalign?

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Do you know what happens after Invisalign treatment? When your dentist tells you that your Invisalign treatment is completed, it doesn’t mean that it’s over. Completing your months of Invisalign treatment means that you’re one step closer to achieving your perfect and beautiful smile.

After you finish your Invisalign treatment, the first thing that your dentist will do is to make a new 3D impression of your teeth. From here, your teeth will be assessed and evaluated for retainers. The retainer will keep your teeth aligned so that they don’t move back to their original positions. Without using retainers, you will be prone to relapse: a possible complication of incomplete orthodontic treatment.

The treatment duration for wearing retainers will last for about six months and then usually only during sleep.  However, this duration can vary depending on the patient’s condition.

Following Invisalign treatment, you must continue taking care of your oral health. Proper brushing, flossing, and maintaining your oral health are essential to prevent any complications that may arise due to orthodontic treatment.

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