What Causes Yellow Teeth?

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There are different reasons for tooth discolouration. Many people experience tooth discolouration in the form of “yellow teeth”. With today’s dental care advancements, people with yellow teeth are able to achieve a whiter smile. Before exploring the different solutions to yellow teeth, it’s important to understand the causes. Here are some common causes of yellow teeth:

Smoking – One of the primary causes of having yellow teeth is smoking. If you smoke, you are more prone to stains and discolouration. Therefore, to whiten your teeth, you have to first stop smoking and also follow a healthy daily dental care routine.

Poor Oral Hygiene – Another reason why yellow teeth happen is due to improper oral hygiene care. When you don’t brush at least twice a day, floss once a day and clean your tongue, you are not just prone to cavities and dental problems, but yellow teeth too!

Age – Age is another factor that contributes to yellow teeth. As you age, even if you are the most diligent with your oral care, you can still have yellow teeth due to the natural process of ageing.

Diet – What you eat plays a vital role in the development of yellow teeth. Certain foods that are high in tannins can cause yellow teeth. Beverages like coffee, soda, red wine can cause long-term discolouration, so it is better to minimize the consumption and frequency of these drinks.

Fluoride – Excess fluoride use can cause yellow teeth, especially among children. Therefore, strict guidance in fluoride use is necessary.

Illness and Medications – Some diseases and drugs can cause yellow teeth. People who take medications for hypertension and asthma can have yellow teeth, while people who undergo chemotherapy can also develop yellow teeth.

To learn more about what causes yellow teeth and how you can whiten them, contact us at Aurora Dental Studio, in Aurora, Ontario. We would love to help you achieve your most beautiful and healthy smile!

– The Aurora Dental Studio Team

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