The Power of Your Smile!

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It is true what they say, a smile can make all the difference! It can be just a simple reaction to a happy situation or mindfully having a positive attitude. While it may be easier to smile when things are looking up, the power of those pearly whites is greater than you may realize!

A smile may not be your first impulse during a stressful situation, but it can help to reduce stress! A study published in Psychological Science revealed that smiling can lower your body’s heart rate during stressful scenarios.

Aside from decreasing stress, a smile can also increase happiness! Typically a smile is thought of as a reaction to happiness, instead of the cause. However, neurologist Dr. Gupta shares with us that smiling creates a chemical reaction in the brain, which produces dopamine. High levels of dopamine can produce feelings of happiness.

For these reasons and more, it’s important to utilize the power of your smile. Start by taking good care of your smile with good oral hygiene at home and visiting your dentist twice a year. With the right steps in place, you won’t be afraid to use the power of your smile! Contact us at Aurora Dental Studio to unleash the power of your smile!

Keep on smiling!

– The Aurora Dental Studio Team

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