The Importance of Saliva in Oral Health

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Saliva is the clear and sometimes frothy watery liquid produced in the mouth by several salivary glands. Tiny tubes called ducts carry saliva from the glands into your mouth and keep it moist. When you eat, it’s when salivary glands work actively and make a lot of salivae to help you digest food.

Saliva is vital in maintaining oral health that any deviation in the amount of saliva in your mouth can result in dental problems. Why? Well, because saliva contains not just 99.5 percent water, but it has various elements that help regulate the pH level in your oral cavity. It contains electrolytes such as potassium, chloride, sodium, and enzymes that assist in the process of breaking down food.

One of the most important jobs of saliva is to keep your mouth moist. Enamel erosion, dry mouth or xerostomia, and tooth decay can occur if you don’t produce enough saliva to moisten your oral cavity. The bacteria in your mouth can only be neutralized and minimized by your saliva, and that’s one of the main reasons why oral cavities can be prevented with normal production of saliva in your mouth.

Certain factors affect the production of saliva. Aging, smoking, medications, genetics, mouth breathing are some of the culprits of decreased saliva production. Treating and managing these causes can help solve reduced saliva in your mouth.

If you have problems like dry mouth or grinding of teeth that can lead to decreased saliva production, consult our dental team at Aurora Dental Studio in Aurora, Ontario. We are here to help you with all your dental concerns!

-The Aurora Dental Studio Team

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