Root Canal Treatment in Aurora, ON

Root Canal Treatment in Aurora, ON

Have you been diagnosed with a severely damaged, decayed or even infected tooth? Notice your tooth appears to be getting darker? Experiencing a toothache or even tooth sensitivity? You may be in need of a root canal! At Aurora Dental Studio, we are proud to offer root canal treatment for our patients that have a compromised tooth root and are interested in saving their tooth and avoiding the need for an extraction. Not quite sure if you need a root canal treatment in Aurora? Call or visit us for a free consultation: we’d be happy to evaluate your affected tooth to determine if root canal therapy is needed.

About Root Canal Treatment

While many people think a root canal is a scary and even painful experience, it is actually far from it. The goal of root canal treatment is to access the affected tooth’s pulp and root canal, and thoroughly clean and disinfect the area. Once a tooth root has become decayed, damaged or even infected, it can lead to loss of the tooth along with various other problems.

Why Root Canals?

Left untreated, a compromised tooth root canal and pulp can become a very serious problem. Along with the loss of your tooth, serious infections can occur, including sepsis (which is a potentially fatal infection of the blood). Due to the fact that the mouth is so vascular, bacteria and infection can easily travel throughout the body, actually affecting your organs, including your heart.

Getting a Root Canal

The process for root canal therapy is extremely simple. First, your endodontics near you will create a tiny hole in the affected tooth, allowing them to access the root canal and tooth pulp. Once inside, your dentist will thoroughly clean the area and remove any decay or infection. The area will then be sanitized and sealed. Following a root canal, a dental crown is recommended to improve the appearance of the tooth along with providing additional strength and support.

Schedule Root Canal Therapy

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