Cosmetic Dentistry in Aurora, ON

Cosmetic Dentistry in Aurora, ON

Do you often find yourself hiding your smile due to imperfections? Wishing there was a way to have a beautiful smile like the ones you see online and on TV? With cosmetic dentistry, there is! At Aurora Dental Studio, we are proud to offer cosmetic dentistry in Aurora for our patients that are interested in improving the appearance of their smile. Not sure if cosmetic dentistry is the right option for you? Feel free to schedule a consultation with us, we would be happy to evaluate your smile and overall oral health to determine the best treatment options for you.

Cosmetic Dental Care

At Aurora Dental Studio, we are proud to offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry service options, including:

Teeth Whitening

Want a brighter, whiter smile, fast? With professional teeth whitening, we can brighten your smile by a few shades.

Dental Bonding

Does your smile suffer from decay, damage or other imperfections? Dental bonding is an affordable, versatile and effective way to improve the appearance, health and even function of a tooth. Dental bonding is matched with your smile, making treatment virtually unnoticeable.

Dental Veneers

Do you have damaged, overcrowded, gapped, discolored or otherwise imperfect teeth in your smile? Dental veneers are another versatile, affordable and effective way to completely alter the appearance of your smile. Veneers are also designed to look real, making treatment unnoticeable.


Does your smile suffer from malpositioned teeth or even a malpositioned bite? Orthodontics can be useful for improving not only the appearance of smiles, but also their health and function. By shifting teeth to a healthier position, patients can properly care for their smile.

Missing Tooth Restoration

Are you missing one or more of your teeth? At Aurora Dental Studio, we offer dental bridges, partials, dentures and even dental implants. Schedule a consultation with us today.

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