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Senior years can put you at a higher risk for dental problems. However, thanks to the continuous advancement of modern dentistry, many seniors nowadays can keep their natural teeth for a longer span of time. The use of better dental care equipment such as electronic toothbrushes, fluoride toothpaste, mouthwash and advanced dental instruments used in dental offices are some of the many things that modern dentistry has been able to benefit senior citizens with their oral health care.

Taking care of your oral health starts from childhood and really doesn’t end. It’s important to develop good habits and enforce them daily. Here are some of the dental care tips that are more tailored to older adults and seniors:

Use of mouthwash – Seniors are more prone to dry mouth due to the natural process of ageing. Dry mouth can cause certain oral diseases and to prevent this from happening, the use of antibacterial mouthwash is recommended by dentists.

Hydration and balanced diet – Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol to prevent dehydration and dry mouth. Eat food rich in Calcium that can help you with strong bones and maintain healthy teeth.

Increase fluoridation – Fluoride helps strengthen teeth and makes teeth more resistant to acid attack.

Don’t smoke tobacco and cigarettes – Smoking can increase your risk of developing dental problems like oral cancer. As you age, you are more vulnerable to diseases so it is important to eliminate any contributing factors and quit smoking.

Regular Oral Hygiene Routine – Brushing for two minutes twice daily and flossing once a day applies to all ages – including seniors!

Dental Checkups – Visit your dentist on a regular basis, at least twice a year for dental assessment and evaluation.

For more tips on oral care, visit us at Aurora Dental Studio, where we take care of patients of all ages!

– Aurora Dental Studio Team

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