How to Choose the Ideal Type of Dental Implant

Oct 04, 2021

How to Choose the Ideal Type of Dental Implant

Did your dentist finally conclude that you need a tooth implant? You might now be overwhelmed by the number of available options. However, the Aurora Dental Studio is here to make the decision-making process easier for you. Keep reading to learn about the available options for dental implants and the choices you have.

What Are Dental Implants

People with missing teeth constantly feel self-conscious, especially when talking or smiling. It takes away their confidence and deters their eating habits, and can cause some secondary health issues.

Dental implants provide you with a complete tooth restoration for the missing teeth. Full mouth dental implants are not like regular dentures because they act like natural tooth roots and provide a full tooth replacement. Better still, they prevent the degeneration of the jaw bone.

By replacing the lost tooth roots, implants give you the ability to chew all types of food without struggling.

Types of Tooth Implants

Each tooth implant, be it a single tooth implant for a missing front tooth or a full-mouth restoration, comes with a different connector, coating, and sizing options. While there are many techniques for placing tooth implants, the main types fall into three categories.

  • Endosteal Implants

This is the most commonly used type of tooth implant. Sometimes, they are used as denture or bridgework alternatives. Although they are the most common, they require that the patient have a healthy jawbone to fuse the post.

Endosteal implants are composed of screw-like placeholders inserted into the jaw then a false tooth crown attached to it.

Treatment: The procedure begins with drilling the jawbone then insertion of the screw-like titanium post, which is the artificial root. Before completing the treatment, the soft and bone tissues must heal around the artificial root. It can take several months.

Stability: Endosteal implants are among the most stable known implant types and produce the best natural-feeling results.

The second most preferred tooth implant type can be an ideal option if you do not fancy the placement of foreign objects into your jawbone.

  • Subperiosteal Implants

Although rarely used today, subperiosteal implants were once widely used to support dentures in patients who lacked enough jawbone height. However, today, they are still the immediate alternatives to endosteal implants.

When used, they are placed on the jawbone rather than in the bone. The implant post is then exposed through the gum tissue.

Treatment: Treatment involves placing a metal frame under the gum, then a metal post attached to it. Dentists then allow the gum tissue to heal around the post. The false tooth crown is then placed on the protruding metal post.

This procedure is only performed if the person in the subject lacks enough jawbone to place an implant or if the patient doesn’t want to augment the insufficient bone.

Stability: Subperiosteal implants do not have the same strength as endosteal dental implants in Aurora, ON. This is because the implant does not directly go into the jawbone but rests on the bone, held into place only by the soft gum tissue. However, it offers more tooth support than implant-free dentures.

  • Zygomatic Implants

They are the most rarely used implant types of the three. This implant type also involves an overly complex procedure and is only performed if the patient lacks enough jawbone to place an endosteal implant.

This implant type is attached to the patient’s cheekbone rather than the jawbone.

Now that you are well versed with the types of implant options available, let’s look at other related techniques.

Immediate Load Tooth Implants

This tooth implant can be compared to fitting your car with a spare tire, only here it’s with your teeth.

It allows for temporary tooth placement on the same day of the dental implant placement. This implant type is only applicable for patients with sufficient jawbone. In case of a missing front tooth, there must be a secure enough existing tooth implant to support the temporary tooth pressure and the pressure that comes with t.

Mini Dental Implants

It refers to a type of toothpick-sized implants that are excessively narrow. They have the primary role of stabilizing a lower denture.

Although they are a less innovative option than others, anyone can use them as recommended by their dentist.

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