How Dental Bonding Can Benefit Your Smile

Jun 01, 2019

If you’re like most people, there’s probably at least one thing you’d like to change about your smile with the help of cosmetic dentistry. But just as important to you is that the change looks natural. If you’re looking for a “dentist near me” that can help you achieve both of these wishes, Aurora Dental Studio can help! We offer dental bonding to our patients so they can achieve the smile of their dreams. Keep reading to learn how this procedure can help you, too!

What a Dentist L4G 4J7 Can Offer with Dental Bonding

One of the biggest advantages of dental bonding versus other cosmetic procedures is that it does not damage your teeth. Unlike certain dental veneers in Aurora, ON which require that the tooth be filed down in order to receive the veneer material, dental bonding does not require any alteration to your natural tooth. The bonding material simply fills in the imperfections to create a more attractive appearance.

Looking for a Quick Fix? Consider Dental Bonding

Another huge advantage of dental bonding over other cosmetic dentistry procedures is that you can have a new smile in as little as one day. Instead of having to worry about scheduling multiple appointments between your already hectic schedule, you can achieve the results you want in one appointment. Plus, the procedure is durable. That’s right, dental bonding can last up to 10 years with proper oral care. That equates to dollars being saved over other, more temporary options.

Most Common Corrections of Tooth Bonding in Aurora, ON

Although dental bonding can correct a multitude of smile imperfections, following are the most common uses:

  • Correct discoloration of one or more teeth
  • Close small gaps between teeth
  • Modify the shape and size of teeth
  • Fill in nicks, cracks, and chips

Remember, while your smile imperfections may seem overwhelming to you, Aurora Dental Studio has helped countless patients effortlessly push the reset button on their smiles! If you have a minute, we invite you to take a look at the many happy reviews we’ve received.

Why not make an appointment today with your Aurora dentist so you can have the smile of your dreams tomorrow!

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