How Can You Restore Your Teeth With Partial Dentures?

May 01, 2021

Holes in the tooth occur as a result of missing tooth. Tooth loss arises from factors like periodontal diseases and accidents to the tooth. There are an array of technological innovations effective in rectifying this issue. For example, a dental implant serves as an anchorage to future teeth substitute. People who desire to reach their teeth should visit their dentists to know the best dental device suitable for them. A popular teeth replacement is a denture. Do you have missing teeth in your dental structure? Visit your dentist today and get a denture.

Dentures are mostly utilized by people having one or more missing teeth. They are formulated from different materials, depending on their use. Substances for manufacturing dentures include acrylic, resins, metals, and plastics. The technology of denture use has started for a long time. It has developed over time. New models of this device have also come up. Dentures are either complete dentures or partial dentures. All kinds of dentures have various functions. You can get a clearer insight into how these dentures are of help in fixing teeth restoration problems.

What Are The Various Kinds Of Dentures?

Complete dentures restore the entire teeth. They could either be immediate or conventional.

The immediate dentures get attached instantly after the natural teeth are discarded. This type of denture often requires constant change in position since the teeth are still recuperating. It is not suitable for replacing natural teeth. It prevents the emptiness of the dental structure before producing a better denture.

Conventional complete dentures are applicable for gum tissue that has begun rejuvenation. It occurs about 8-12 weeks after the teeth removal. It is adopted after the immediate denture is extracted.

There are also partial dentures. These instruments function when there are only one or few missing teeth. A partial denture also aids in preventing the deviation of other teeth from their normal position in the dental structure. A removable partial denture is called a dental bridge. It possesses a lower pink region that anchors the denture.

Precision partial dentures are removable as well. These kinds of dentures have personal adhesion materials. Fixed bridges use crowns on both sides to support the synthetic teeth. Partial dentures for the back teeth are available as well.

What Are Used To Manufacture The Different Partial Dentures?

Before selecting a particular partial denture, the dentist should evaluate some parameters. Aurora dentists examine the teeth to determine the most favorable partial denture that would replace the non-existent teeth. The dentist carefully observes the teeth for oral irritations, dental bite, Strength of gum tissue of missing teeth, and reactions to chemicals.

Some partial dentures are formulated from acrylic and are supported by metal straps. Acrylic dentures are used for short-term purposes since they are heavy and cause discomfort. They are cost-effective and produced in short periods. But the acrylic can easily chip. This is why it is made very thick.

The cast metal partial dentures are more permanent replacement devices. It is more durable than acrylic denture in terms of stamina and rigidity. It has a little weight and is therefore comfortable to use. The metal denture is composed of cobalt and aluminum alloy. This type of denture is relatively expensive. For people with problems with motor skills, the metal denture is not the best option. Some people even experience allergic episodes due to the component materials.

People who can not use other partial dentures can employ the use of flexible partial dentures. It is a plastic denture that is long-lasting. You can readily obtain any dentures and partials in Aurora, ON. The plastic kind of partial dentures is available for you as well. It is a see-through denture that takes a short period to manufacture are is easily breakable also. You should clean the denture well as there is a risk of dirt piling up.

Dentures almost look like your natural teeth. They restore your beautiful smile and perfect dental structure. See dentist in Aurora to get one today.

How Do You Maintain Your Partial Dentures? 

Clean your partial dentures with non-abrasive dental cleaners. Ensure that the dentures do not have any dirt piled up. You should remove the partial dentures at night. This gives your teeth some breathing space. Cleaning your denture cautiously makes the denture last longer.

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