Facts You Should Know About A Root Canal

Sep 01, 2019

A root canal helps in treating many oral problems. But people get apprehensive and avoid the treatment. The dental team at Aurora Dental Studio has listed some facts regarding root canal in aurora that may prove to be useful:

What is a root canal?

There are live tissues at the centre of your tooth that contain the pulp. This pulp is made up of nerves. This whole area of the mouth is known as a root canal.

How do I know if a tooth has a root canal infection?

There are various symptoms of root canal contamination. You need to look out for toothache while chewing or biting food items. Even swelling or redness of gums surrounding a tooth might be an indication of an infection. Sometimes, an infected tooth stops causing uneasiness out of the blue. This does not mean that the infection has come to an end.

In all cases, it is recommended to see a dentist in aurora immediately. Experienced dentists such as those working Aurora Dental Studio will help you out.

Why would you need a root canal treatment?

It is advised to get a root canal treatment done on time to prevent a tooth from further decay. Moreover, an untreated tooth can become the cause of major oral diseases later.

What is the procedure followed for a root canal treatment?

First of all, anaesthesia is used so that the patient does not feel any pain. After that, the dead tissues of the root canal are cleaned by the dentist. Then your dentist covers up any hole left in the tooth. The procedure ends with placing a crown to permanently seal the infected tooth.

You are supposed to adhere to the instructions given by your dentist after the treatment. It would assist you in curing the after-effects easily.

Who can perform the root canal treatment?

Generally, any qualified dentist is permitted to perform the treatment. But in delicate situations, experienced dentists who have a history of treating root canal should be approached. Do not take risks by visiting any random dentist who has zero qualifications for the root canal treatment.

You will not face any difficulty in finding a competent dentist in Aurora, ON. For instance, Aurora Dental Studio has specialized dentists dealing in such cases for years.

What is the step by step procedure involved in root canal treatment?

A root canal treatment assures that a severely decayed tooth is fixed. People fear the treatment without knowing anything about it. A brief guide of the root canal would bring you at ease before the treatment.

  • Preparing your mouth and tooth: Every patient feels that root canal treatment is devastatingly painful. Well, in reality, dentists use anaesthesia to numb the surrounding areas of the infected tooth. The affected tooth is then isolated from others using vinyl (or rubber). Once that is done, the pulp and the root canals are accessed by drilling a hole in the tooth.
    This stage requires special attention as one mistake might leave you in discomfort forever.
  • Cleaning, shaping and filling the tooth: After reaching the root canals, your dentist will aim at cleaning the rotten tissues of your tooth. Some form of an antiseptic is used to sterilize the decaying part. The hollow root canal is filled with a material called gutta-percha. This ensures that your tooth regains its original structure.
  • Sealing the tooth from re-infection: The filling of the tooth at the second stage is only the first step to fix your tooth. Your dentist will use another layer of filling material to cover any hole left. And then mount a crown on the top of the tooth. Mounting a crown would make sure that the tooth remains protected from any infection in the future.

After the whole procedure ends, you might face some difficulties for a few days. But these can be easily managed if the dentist’s advice is adhered to. Do not forget to regularly visit your dentist too.

If you need a dentist in L4G 4J7, Google ‘dentist near me’. Consult Aurora Dental Studio, they provide experienced dental professionals who specialize in the treatment. They have been in the field for many years and you will not regret engaging their services.

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