Facts about Invisalign that you probably don’t know

Oct 02, 2019

Invisalign Treatment is the most popular orthodontic treatment for straightening teeth. Appearance is of utmost importance in today’s world, and having a crooked smile is not welcomed. Moreover, having braces on top of that can put off your whole appearance altogether. Invisalign treatment helps you avoid all these problems while fixing your crooked teeth. Here, are some amazing facts that you probably didn’t know about Invisalign

  1. They appear all-natural.
  2. Unlike other orthodontic treatments that straighten teeth out, Invisalign is aesthetically pleasing. If you are wondering whether there is a ‘dentist near me’, we got you covered.

    The Invisalign in Aurora are completely clear and fits your teeth perfectly. This gives a natural appearance to your smile. Even if you have gaps your teeth, that portion will be painted to give your smile a natural appearance. The only people who will know you are going under a treatment are the ones you tell.

  3. The treatment differs for everyone.
  4. The dentists in Aurora offer a treatment that will suit your needs and requirements. The treatment will be customized according to the shape of your teeth and the problems suffered by you. The final tray of Invisalign that you’ll get will sit accurately against your teeth to give the natural appearance.

  5. You won’t have to visit the dentist that often.
  6. The best thing about Invisalign treatment is that your trips to the dentist in L4G 4J7 will be less frequent. You’ll only have to visit your dentist once every 8 weeks to monitor the progress. These appointments will be painless, simple and quick. This way you won’t have to waste your weekends waiting at the dentist office.

  7. You’ll have to brush frequently.
  8. When you are getting an Invisalign treatment, your travelling toothbrush will become your best friend. You’ll have to brush your teeth after every meal you take. This is just to ensure that there is no lingering chicken or salad hiding between your teeth.

    Instead of brushing every time, you can also opt for interdentals. They can give you a quick clean in case you are eating out. But even after cleaning with interdental, brushing teeth at least twice a day will be mandatory.

  9. You might even lose weight.
  10. Are you struggling with weight and uneven tooth? Invisalign can solve both of your problems. Losing weight during this treatment happens by accident. Wearing the Invisalign at least 22-23 hours is a must. Hence, you will have to avoid unnecessary snacking.

    Moreover, since, after every meal, you are required to brush your teeth, midday snacking will become the days of your past. Whenever you’ll feel the urge to just sit and binge on snacks, you’ll question whether it is worth the trouble. And within some time you’ll start noticing your clothes are fitting better and you have a slimmer waistline.

  11. You cannot clean Invisalign using toothpaste.
  12. A lot of people are under the misconception that Invisalign trays are supposed to be cleaned using toothpaste. However, that is not the case. Most of the people complain that overtime Invisalign turns yellowish and does not look appealing. That can happen because they are using toothpaste on it.

    Toothpaste contains abrasive substances that can cause discolouration. To avoid discolouration, use a mild soap or detergent instead of toothpaste and that will do the trick.

  13. They are painless compared to other treatment
  14. Unlike braces that hurt every time they are tightened, Invisalign is pain-free. Of course, they would be uncomfortable at first. They might even pain a little in case you put too much pressure on them. However, once your teeth get used to the tray, your teeth can function as normal teeth without any pain.

    Your Smile is the most important factor that builds your confidence. The dentist at the Aurora Dental Studio understands this and determined to bring your perfect smile back. The Invisalign treatment offered here is personally customized for the patients by the experts. They have years of experience in caring for older teens and adults with an Invisalign treatment plan. Contact Aurora Dental Studio to know more about Invisalign treatment.

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