Aurora Dental Studio Safety Protocols

Jun 03, 2020

Dentistry, as a profession, already works within some of the strictest infection control standards. As always, we at Aurora Dental Studio have continued to follow the guidelines and protocols for infection control from the Ontario Dental Association (ODA). Our #1 priority is the safety and health of our patients and staff.

When you return, you will notice some changes made to the waiting area and treatment rooms, as well as changes to how patients move through the clinic. Here is what you can expect:

Scheduling Appointments:

Patients will be seen by appointment only. We will not be taking walk-in appointments at this time.

Overlapping appointments cannot be scheduled. The time of your scheduled appointment will be reserved exclusively for you. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we kindly ask that you let us know 48 hours in advance so that we can accommodate other patients.

Enhanced pre-screening of patients at the time of booking the appointment, according to Covid-19 guidelines. We will ask you a series of questions when booking your appointment to screen for symptoms.

Any new patient or consent forms will be sent to you ahead of time so that they can be filled and exchanged electronically, prior to the appointment.

Prior to Your Appointment:

Brush your teeth.

Do not drink anything at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment. Our washrooms will only be available under the strictest of necessity.

When You Arrive:

Please call our office at 905.503.8999.

We have an enhanced check-in process that requires you to do a disinfectant rinse (1% hydrogen peroxide and water solution which has been proven to reduce the level and virulence of COVID-19), sanitize your hands, wear a mask (if you don’t have one, one will be provided to you) and have your temperature checked before being seated for treatment.

Social distancing markers have been placed and we ask that you keep a 6-ft distance from the front desk and staff members, when not in treatment.

Waiting Area:

Please come alone to your appointment. For the foreseeable future, the waiting area and I-pads will be unavailable. In situations where you are attending with children, we have very limited seating available. It is advised that children not accompany you in the treatment room.


We ask that you visit the washroom prior to attending our office. The washroom will only be made available in necessary situations.

Treatment Rooms:

Each one of our treatment rooms is now equipped with new air purifiers and HEPA filtration devices that remove 99.97% of allergens and airborne particles.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

PPE is worn by our staff at all times to prevent potential exposure. This includes gloves, masks, face shields and gowns.

Clinical staff will be wearing N95 respirators in appropriate clinical situations, which have been fit-tested.

Sterilization and Disinfection:

As always, our office follows the protocols provided by Infection Prevention and Control Canada (IPAC) for the sterilization and disinfection of equipment and surfaces. Schedules for maintaining surgical rooms and common areas continue to be implemented.

Processing claims and payment:

We will be accepting Debit, VISA, MasterCard and American Express. No cash or cheques.

If there are changes to your insurance policy, we will require this via email prior to your appointment.

The office has been equipped with portable payment terminals to facilitate payment from a distance. These terminals will be presented to you and will be surface disinfected after each use.

Exiting the Office:

Prior to leaving, you will be asked to wear your mask and sanitize your hands.

We ask that you maintain a 6-ft distance from others until you exit the clinic.

Your safety and well-being remain our top priority. If you have any questions or if you want to book an appointment, please contact us at 905.503.8999 or via email at

Thank you and stay safe,

Aurora Dental Studio”

Thank you!

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